Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

Your Nutritional needs are identified, treated and monitored by Dr. John Belde, who is trained in Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). The clinic recommends Standard Process®, Nutri-Dyn®, and Metagenics® supplements because they are whole food products, organically grown, clinically tested and affordable. These products are only available through health care professionals.

A complete Nutrition Program includes 2 initial diagnostic tests done on the first visit: the Heart Rate Variability test and the Nutrition Response Test. This first visit typically requires 20-30 minutes.

What is HRV - Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures your physical health status and stress on the autonomic nervous system.

What is NRT - Nutrition Response Testing uses specific strength tests to analyze your body’s neurological reflexes. The exact nutrients needed to supplement your diet are then determined, in order to bring about balance and strength to the organ systems.

After the initial visit of tests, homework is required in the form of a week-long diet record.

Follow up NRT visits are recommended at the direction of Dr. John Belde and may take 10-20 minutes in length. A typical nutrition program may require 12 follow-up visits.

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