BC 141Rub Club

  • The Rub Club is a Massage Program within Belde Chiropractic which offers a variety of massages either individually or in a package.
  • The Rub Club requires a signed agreement stating rules to abide by while using the club.
  • The Rub Club is often used in conjunction with chiropractic as an integral part of soft tissue injury cases.
  • We are proud to offer affordable massage therapy performed by trained and experienced therapists in a comfortable, convenient and safe atmosphere.
  • Rub Club Auto Debit Form

The Rub Club Rates & Packages:

Auto Debit or Cash Pre-Pay:(Cash, Check & Visa or MasterCard accepted)

  • 1 Hour Massage-$60
  • 90 Minute Massage-$85
  • 2 Hour Massage-$110


  • 3 Hour Massages $165 ($55 each)
  • 6 Hour Massages $300 ($50 each)
  • 10 Hour Massages $450 ($45 each)

Reimbursement through pre-tax accounts is typically available with a referral letter from our doctors.

Gift Certificates are available at:

  • 1 Hour Massage $60
  • 90 min. Massage $85
  • 2 Hour Massage $110